Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekly News

Important Information
*Check out the new photos and videos on our class blog!
*Parent Teacher Conferences will be held March 6th and 7th.  Please call the office between 9am-1pm at 228-2228 to schedule your conference. 
*We will finish reading Matilda very soon and would like to celebrate with another Movie Night!!!  Mark your calendars for Friday, February 22nd from 6-8pm.  If you have not replied and still plan to come, please let me know today.
*Our Valentine’s Day party will be on Thursday, February 14th from 10:15-11:15am.  Students are permitted to pass out cards and even trinkets.  Please remember that our school has a no food policy – this means that students are NOT allowed to give out candy or any kind of edible treats.  We have 25 children in our class – 15 girls and 10 boys.  Feel free to join us for the celebration!
*We are in need of Wordo prizes.  These can be any little toy, trinket, eraser, etc. that you can find at the Dollar Store, Target $1 spot, etc.  Donations are greatly appreciated!
*This is just a reminder that due to our snow day, we WILL be in school Monday, February 18th. 

Important Dates
February 14th – Valentine’s Party at 10:15am

What are we learning?
Word Work
Our new 1st grade word wall words are: year, last, ran.  We are reviewing these kindergarten words:  put, here, into.  This is week 23 on Spelling City.  We are also studying 3 letter consonant blends (such as scr, spl, str).  
We are continuing our work with personal writing emphasizing a lesson learned.  This week we will publish our pieces.
We are starting The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  While reading this classic, we will work on creating mental images.  Did you know that creating mental images is a thinking strategy that good readers use to help them deepen their understanding of the text?
Social Studies
Mrs. Hammons will continue her guidance series in our classroom and teach us about stranger safety. 
We will continue our study of numbers.  We are working with number formation, number recognition, counting forward and backward, etc. 

Related Arts
Monday – P.E.
Tuesday – P.E.
Wednesday – P.E.
Thursday – P.E.
Friday – Art