Touch Math is a great tool for helping your child memorize math facts.  If this strategy helps your child, I would suggest drawing the touch points on the smaller number on each math flashcard. 
Touching/Counting Video
Addition Video
*(I find it faster to have the children get the bigger number in their head, then count I would only put touch points on the smaller number in the equation.)
Subtraction Video
Math Flashcards

Word Work
Below are links to word wall word flashcards and games in case you need additional copies.
Kindergarten Flashcards
1st Grade Flashcards
Roll, Say, Keep
Gameboard Directions - Gameboard 1 - Gameboard 2 - Gameboard 3 - Gameboard 4 - Gameboard 5

Classroom Handbook
Road Trip Fun - Alphabet Search - I Spy - License Plate Game - Road Trip Bingo - Road Trip Countdown - Slug Bug Game Card - Tic Tac Toe Street Signs