Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekly News

Important Information
*Happy New Year!  I hope you and your family enjoyed the holidays together.  Thanks again for spoiling me on Christmas! 
*We have been busy getting back in the groove of school after being out of the routine for two weeks.  A few things I’ve noticed this week that I need your help with:
-many children are forgetting their snack and water bottles
-quite a few overdue library books
-lots of blank planners and full folders are being returned to me
Thanks for your help with getting these things back on track.

Important Dates
January 21st – No school
January 30th – Early Release

What are we learning?
Word Work
This is week 15 on Spelling City (sorry about the last 2 weeks – we had the numbers wrong).  Our new 1st grade word wall words are: those, better, gave.  We are reviewing these kindergarten words:  go, this, were.  We are also studying short and long i (short I spelled cvc and long i spelled with a magic e at the end).
Reading and Writing
We are working on story elements including characters, setting, problem, solution, plot, and lesson.
We are in the midst of our electricity unit.  This week, we will learn about different kinds of circuits including simple, series, parallel, open, and closed.
We are working on decomposing numbers to various ways to create the same sum (i.e. 3+2 = 1+4).  We will also practice skip counting by twos and using that knowledge to help solve +2 addition and subtraction facts.

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