Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekly News

Important Information
*We’ve had a great start to the school year!  I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to work with your children!
*Please make sure to check your child’s take-home folder every night and discuss what we are working on in school.  You may keep the completed work that comes home.  Promptly return any paperwork. Also make sure to read and sign your child’s planner nightly.
*Be sure to send a healthy snack and bottle of water each day for snack time. 
*School begins promptly at 7:50am each day.  The children have many morning responsibilities to take care of in order to be fully prepared for the school day.  That being said, please make sure your child arrives in plenty of time to take care of these tasks.  I strongly encourage you to have your child eat breakfast at home.  Students who eat breakfast in the cafeteria have 5 minutes or less to take care of their morning jobs which often leads to a rocky start to their day.  

Important Dates
August 24th - 8:30am Confidentiality Training
August 28th - 8:30am Confidentiality Training
August 30th - 6:30pm Confidentiality Training; 7pm Parent Orientation
September 4th - 2:30pm Reading Group Training (for reading group volunteers only)

What are we learning?
Word Work
Our words of the week are some, would, big.  We are also studying vowels. 
We are learning about what writing workshop looks and sounds like, comparing how artists are similar to writers, and what strategies do writers use to spell a tricky word.
This week, we are learning about our Calendar routines, finding that numbers are all around us and that tally marks help mathematicians count quickly.
We are learning about the expectations of reading workshop, what it looks like and sounds like, how to be a good listener and how to choose books for our book bins.
Social Studies
This week, we are building our classroom community by sharing what makes us unique.

Related Arts
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